University of Alberta- How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees per year

INR 6,78,578 Postgraduate 

INR 20,42,063 Undergraduate 

INR 19,02,344 Vocational 

Living costs

INR 8,57,003 To live on campus

INR 11,95,007 Living costs

Scholarships & funding

The University of Alberta awards over CAD 34 million in financial support for the benefit of undergraduate and graduate students each year. Most scholarships are awarded for academic excellence.

Scholarships for international students include:

Application Based Scholarships

President’s International Distinction Scholarship

CAD 120,000 is awarded over four years to 25 students based on academic standing and demonstrated leadership qualities, as well as on involvement in extracurricular and community activities. An application is required.

International Entrance Leadership Scholarship

CAD 10,000 is awarded to eligible students who are well-rounded leaders with superior academics. An application is required.

Admission Based Scholarships- no application required

Regional Excellence Scholarship

Up to CAD 5,000 is awarded to eligible students for academic excellence, with preference given to students in target regions. No application is required.

International Admission Scholarship

Up to CAD 5,000 is awarded to eligible students for academic excellence.

Gold Standard Scholarship

The top 5 per cent of students in each faculty could receive up to CAD 6,000, depending on admission average.

Campus Saint-Jean International Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to eligible students who are studying on Campus Saint-Jean for academic excellence and can demonstrate financial need. No application is required.

Discover scholarships

University of Alberta provides scholarship for students enrolling for the courses offered by them

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