George Brown College- Department and Faculty

Department and Faculty

Teaching quality

George Brown prides itself on exceptional standards of teaching, with students benefiting from smaller class sizes, experienced professors with years of field education as well as opportunities to network with potential employers whilst studying. Many of the teaching staff at the college are leading experts in their industry and field of study.

As well as a number of exciting networking opportunities, students are also given the opportunity to learn directly from industry partners. Applied research projects and industry placements are just some of the ways students can expect to better their knowledge and skills. 

All of the programs have been carefully constructed to effectively prepare students for the modern world of employment. Course content is current and thought provoking. By liaising with industry partners, George Brown has created programs that give students information not available in the average educational textbook and insights into professions.

Learn in simulated work environments

George Brown’s focus on hands-on learning is bolstered by state-of-the-art facilities that allow students to develop their skills in labs that are modelled after real workplaces, including:

  • ASL (American Sign Language) lab: this lab allows students to practice sign language interpretation with specially-designed computer hardware and software.
  • The Simulation Centre: Health Sciences students learn in a recreated hospital setting that includes high-fidelity mannequins as patients.
  • Centre for Construction & Engineering Technologies: this facility features a number of workplace-modelled labs with industry-standard equipment, from tool and die workshops to a computer networking lab.
  • The School of Design: this facility was developed to mirror the real-world agency and studio environments that students will experience in the working world.

Department structure

George Brown College consists of seven main centres of study, which are divided into the following:

  • Arts, Design & Information Technology
  • Preparatory and Liberal Studies
  • Health Sciences
  • Community Services & Early Childhood
  • Hospitality & Culinary Arts
  • Construction & Engineering Technologies
  • Business

Within each of these are a variety of different courses are available to study. Students can choose from entering into diploma or certificate program, graduate/postgraduate certificate, English for Academic Purposes (EAP) or a degree program.

With over 170 academic programs to choose from, students can expect to find a course that suits them. Each program has been carefully constructed to educate and enhance the technical skills and knowledge of students. George Brown also offers Continuing Education courses to people looking to improve or learn a new hobby or skill, including makeup and aesthetics.

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