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Students who choose to study at the University of East London will benefit from completing their studies in the heart of one of the globally leading cities in culture, business , entertainment and academia. The university’s campuses are both well located in London, with the two campuses at Stratford and Docklands permitting quick and easy access to the best that the city has to offer in terms of famous attractions, sites, and activities.

The University of East London is an internationally recognised university that has laid the foundation for thousands of successful international students through its huge range of globally renowned, expertly taught degree programmes. UEL provides an impressive range of professionally valuable, experience-oriented educational pathways. It is a fantastic institution for students looking to study overseas. UEL’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses are complemented by an outstanding array of international-specific bursaries and scholarships.

The city is a highly international city and accommodates more than 200,000 overseas students from over 210 countries across the globe. International students will feel right at home at the university, where more than 300 different languages are spoken in the city and the university itself invests heavily in outstanding support services and scholarship opportunities for international students.


How much will it cost?

Average tuition fees per year

 Rupees 14,98,937 Undergraduate 

 Rupees 16,46,809 Postgraduate 

Living costs

 Rupees 9,57,447 Living costs

 Rupees 8,23,192To live on campus

Scholarships and funding

The University of East London recognises the importance of higher education and university level study. Further still, the university understands that coming to study in an overseas nation is a large commitment and substantial financial investment. As a result, the university is proud to offer international students the opportunity to secure a generous array of scholarships, bursaries, or other financial awards to ensure that they are able to maximise their potential while at UEL.

The university offers international students scholarships which have a value of up to GBP 4,000. This is, on average, a significantly higher level of financial support compared to many other UK universities.

The university’s International Office can provide advice and support to help students have the best chance possible in identifying and securing funding opportunities. Additional bursaries or grants may be available to students specific to the subject they are pursuing, their country or origin or the institution that is offering the scholarship.


Entry requirements

The university accepts a global range of qualifications at a relevant level for the course being applied to, and also considers the merit and value of any suitable work experience. The university will assess the standard of the application form that is submitted, including the personal statement which outlines an applicant’s reasons for applying.

The University of East London is committed to accepting and cultivating a diverse body of passionate students and researchers, whatever their background. UEL is a sought-after institution for higher level education so entry is competitive and subject to a range of entry criteria. The entry requirements for an applicant may vary according to the department or course that they are applying for.

For the majority of undergraduate courses at UEL, international certificates or qualifications are accepted that typically equate to 11 to 13 years of education at high school or secondary school level. Depending on the course or department being applied to, experience or qualifications in specific subject areas or the completion of an entry test or interview, or submission of a portfolio may be required.

UEL accepts students with a range of English Language qualifications subject to the provision of official test scores from a UEL recognised test centre. English language requirements may vary by course or level of study applied to.

Department and Faculty

Department structure

The University of East London offers hundreds of different courses at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level, in addition to a range of professional training opportunities. The university places a focus on innovative, future-focused and employment-oriented learning, which is reflected in the priorities and offerings of each school.

Degree level programmes and other course options are delivered via seven different teaching schools, each with their own specialisations and academic focus. There is also a Graduate School, which offers administrative services and close personal and academic support for postgraduate students pursuing research.

The schools at UEL are:

  • Royal Docks School of Business and Law
  • School of Education and Communities
  • School of Health, Sport and Bioscience
  • School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering
  • School of Arts and the Digital Industries
  • School of Psychology
  • Graduate School

Teaching quality

Students at the University of East London will enjoy focused teaching and a high level of personal support from a skilled faculty, with many teachers and tutors being leaders in their academic fields. The courses at UEL are carefully shaped and delivered to achieve the maximum benefit for students and equip them with the skills they require to excel in their chosen area.

The university places a strong focus on ‘learning by doing’, which ensures that students abilities and knowledge extends beyond what they learn in the classroom. In a globalised and rapidly developing society, the university recognises the value of real-world, practical skills that accompany academic knowledge.

The university has a solid reputation for research which goes hand in hand with its teaching quality. 62 per cent of UEL’s research is regarded as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’, and students will find that they are learning at the cutting edge of many exciting new fields of study.

With a high ratio of staff to students, a robust programme of innovation and development across departments and schools, and a global academic reputation, UEL is an excellent choice for passionate students.

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